New Year’s Update – Same Old Deal, We Train Eat Sleep Repeat

Two months into 2015. What happened since the last update? The usual… We had our Christmas party: 10847719_10205270941630470_7133410950944536656_o We’ve trained and sparred every Saturday: 10980154_10205791167115782_6714027114836203389_o   Except some of us missed the first Saturday of the year to hold the UK’s first HEMA event of the year in Southampton and spread the HEMA joy: 10898230_10155180816535122_2667419354485035068_n10408097_10155180817525122_2164313705782994340_n10653860_1567057250197728_1505562593853288228_n Some of us went to the Helsinki Open, the first event in the Nordic Historical Fencing League. We’re currently the 6th highest club on the league scoreboard. Not bad for a club from outside the Nordic countries. 10410354_10153102990555844_2102231027636808522_n So yes, nothing to report but business as normal working to improve ourselves as historical martial artists.

Swordfish 2014

This weekend several of WSG travelled to one of the largest and most prestigious events on the HEMA tournament calendar, Swordfish 2014, which takes place at Aktiviteten sports centre, near Gothenburg in Sweden.

This year there was an open longsword tournament, women’s longsword, sabre, rapier & dagger and ringen competitions. Each day there were several classes and a wealth of traders to tempt the attendees with shiny goods. As well as competing some of us taught workshops:

  • Keep your shirt on: jacketed Ringen – Peter Smallridge
  • Quarterstaff – Kit Smith,
  • Two Swords from Palladini, Altoni, and Docciolini – Fran and Pim Terminiello
  • Know your enemy: How to proceed against a timid, reckless, phlegmatic or choleric opponent, according to Alfieri – Francesca and Piermarco Terminiello

Kit, Peter, Mike and Tomas also judged many pool bouts, and Claudia was on demand as medic for much of the proceedings.

It was very smoothly organised by host club GHFS, and the tournament itself was ably run by Rob Runacres of neighbouring HEMA group Renaissance Sword Club (who also took bronze in rapier & dagger). All the action of the finals was captured via livestream and will soon be available to watch again on Youtube. We’re pleased to say the training paid off, there were brilliant performances from all and we earned the following placements:

Rapier & dagger gold – Pim Terminiello

Middleweight ringen gold – Peter Smallridge

Women’s longsword silver – Claudia Krause

We wish to thank the hosts GHFS and all our friends who kindly ferried us to various places and looked after us. Congratulations to all the winners, we took away many memories, and look forward to Swordfish 2015.

The winners

Training for Swordfish 2014

This was the last weekend before many of us head off to Swordfish 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden,  one of the biggest tournaments on the HEMA event calendar.  We train hard but have lots of fun whilst doing so.

There will also be plenty of workshops as well as competitions, and four of the five British instructors were at training on Saturday.

See you in Gothenburg, or at training!

Images: Miroslav Zaruba Photography

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