FightCamp, the UK’s biggest HEMA event, is now over. It has some tournaments, and Waterloo regulars attended, so WSG has more medals:13895406_10157535742380122_3299054302245157497_n.jpg

Jon got gold in nylon backsword, silver in longsword and bronze in rapier, Sasha got gold in rapier and bronze in longsword and nylon backsword, Pim get silver in rapier and Jay silver in Eggleton cup. Well done to them all!

Astolat 2016 Review

[by Claudia Krause]

The heart of Surrey, where once King Arthur (supposedly) trod, heard once more the clashing of swords.

The Facebook feed was full of it weeks before. Excitement was rising and with good reason:

Peter Smallridge had teamed up with friends from WSG, SotS and further afield to organise the first international tournament-only HEMA event on English ground. History was to be made! There was a generous spread of weapon disciplines: longsword, sidesword and buckler, arming sword and buckler, sabre, rapier and dagger. Women’s tournaments were available for longsword, sword and buckler, and sabre. The schedule was subsequently tight, and the weather was very, very warm. We took it all with good cheer.13844109_10157446467460122_2054593643_o.jpg

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Mo’ Medals, No Problems

Several of us attended the excellent May Melee hosted by Virtus Sword School over the sunny bank holiday weekend, including teaching three of the classes at the event.

There were two tournaments of mixed weapons, nylon and steel. WSG attendees dominated the steel – all of the final four were WSG attendees, although James Wiggins from Virtus (third place) only made it once. Congrats to Jonathan and Jay for their gold and silver!