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Bartitsu Sparring Competition

In November the Bartitsu Society announced:

the first international Bartitsu sparring video competition, for prizes of up to US$1000!  The contest is open to martial artists and combat athletes of any style(s) and its object is to help fulfil the Bartitsu Society’s mission: “to continue the legacy of martial arts pioneer E.W. Barton-Wright”.

WSG regulars decided to set about each other with canes, in the prescribed style, and over two sessions of friendly yet antagonistic violence compiled the following:


We are happy to say that WE WON!

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Medals and Stabbing New Friends

A busy weekend, but let’s recap last weekend first of all.The eventual WSG medallists at the Helsinki Open were:

  • Sasha: Gold Rapier and Dagger
  • Piermarco: Silver Rapier and Dagger
  • Michela: Gold Women’s Longsword

Congrats also to James and Masha, who represented the group and fought valiantly. WSG is now #2 in the Nordic League’s Club Ranking, which is pretty awesome for being in the wrong geographic area!


This weekend we were visited on Saturday by Jonathan Burke from the Lionheart HEMA club in Taiwan, who’s on a tour of the UK. He fought almost everyone attending at least once. He took his (literal) bumps with good grace, too, after in-advisably closing on our pet Ringen-Rancor.


Several WSG regulars (Peter, Jamie, Claudia) journeyed to the home club of semi-regulars Tea and Merlin – Cambridge HEMA. Jack Gassmann led a seminar of sparring games followed by several hours of sparring. Fun *and* educational!

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Bucklerthon! Also, SwordFish

A bit late for the website update, but a bunch of WSG attendees went to SwordFish. Congratulations are especially due to those who made it to the livestream: Piermarco Terminiello, with a bronze in rapier and dagger, Jack Gassmann with the technical prize in sword and buckler, on a knackered leg to boot, and Peter Smallridge with a wrestling heavyweight silver, and Michela D’Orlando who came fourth in the women’s longsword.

Draping ourselves in the flag

Back in Surrey, there was the Broadwater Bucklerthon, a rather more local event featuring both a novice nylon and invitational steel sidesword and buckler tournament. It’s great to see such effort put into building competitors here in the UK, and there were some familiar faces on the podiums.

And of course, WSG sessions continue in its usual slot. 11am, Colombo Centre. Bring swords!

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October Updates – We Fight, Cut, Feast, Host


Congrats to Masha for her silver medal in the Women’s Longsword at TaurHEMAchia 2016, and to all who went and competed.

Those who stayed at home enjoyed the last of the warm weather with a barbeque and cutting party. Cardboard tubes were ravaged, and much meat devoured.


Tomorrow, we’re hosting “HEMA Godfather” Matt Galas!