May – A Busy Fencing Hall and More Viking Gold

Eleven of us attended on Saturday for a very energetic and fun session including case of swords, longsword, smallsword, sidesword, sabre, and sidesword & buckler. A contingent, as ever, also attended the Norway HEMA Open 2017 held in Oslo hosted by Fektklubben Frie Duellister; entering women’s longsword, men’s longsword and open rapier & dagger. HugeContinue reading “May – A Busy Fencing Hall and More Viking Gold”

Bartitsu Sparring Competition

In November the Bartitsu Society announced: …the first international Bartitsu sparring video competition, for prizes of up to US$1000!  The contest is open to martial artists and combat athletes of any style(s) and its object is to help fulfil the Bartitsu Society’s mission: “to continue the legacy of martial arts pioneer E.W. Barton-Wright”. WSG regularsContinue reading “Bartitsu Sparring Competition”

Medals and Stabbing New Friends

A busy weekend, but let’s recap last weekend first of all.The eventual WSG medallists at the Helsinki Open were: Sasha: Gold Rapier and Dagger Piermarco: Silver Rapier and Dagger Michela: Gold Women’s Longsword Congrats also to James and Masha, who represented the group and fought valiantly. WSG is now #2 in the Nordic League’s ClubContinue reading “Medals and Stabbing New Friends”

Bucklerthon! Also, SwordFish

A bit late for the website update, but a bunch of WSG attendees went to SwordFish. Congratulations are especially due to those who made it to the livestream: Piermarco Terminiello, with a bronze in rapier and dagger, Jack Gassmann with the technical prize in sword and buckler, on a knackered leg to boot, and PeterContinue reading “Bucklerthon! Also, SwordFish”