Travel to Beautiful Places, Meet Interesting People, and Stab Them

August summary: we trained a lot and some of the WSG crew went to some events. Congratulations to Piermarco, who got to visit Majorca to fence. He taught at the Sword Island 2015 event, and while he was there he medalled in both rapier and longsword. Meanwhile, the rest of us enjoyed the hot weather with someContinue reading “Travel to Beautiful Places, Meet Interesting People, and Stab Them”

Feile na Gaiscigh – Four Tournament, Four Gold Medals

The “Festival of Heroes” is the Irish National HEMA event, and 2015 was the second year it’s run, and the first year it’s been open and advertised internationally. Two WSG regulars decided to go, one teaching and both competing in the four tournaments – all mixed weapons, with nylon and steel in Open and Women’s flavours.

26th April will be a Special Sunday Session

Due to venue constraints, Waterloo Sparring Group will be meeting on Sunday the 26th of April instead of Sat 25th. From 11am as always, and we suspect there’ll be Sunday lunches to follow the sparring and training. Facebook Event link for the curious or those who cannot plan calendars without social media. PS – congratulationsContinue reading “26th April will be a Special Sunday Session”

New Year’s Update – Same Old Deal, We Train Eat Sleep Repeat

Two months into 2015. What happened since the last update? The usual… We had our Christmas party: We’ve trained and sparred every Saturday:   Except some of us missed the first Saturday of the year to hold the UK’s first HEMA event of the year in Southampton and spread the HEMA joy: Some of usContinue reading “New Year’s Update – Same Old Deal, We Train Eat Sleep Repeat”