Events of March – Glasgow HEMAC and Axel Pettersson Seminar

The Waterloo Sparring Group rashguard repped twice by Peter Smallridge – once at HEMAC Glasgow 2015, and below at the Axel Pettersson seminar hosted by Pflug Fighters Norfolk. Five WSG regulars attended and all entered the longsword tournament held to accompany the seminar, and we’re proud to say that four advanced to the final eightContinue reading “Events of March – Glasgow HEMAC and Axel Pettersson Seminar”

Christmas, Charity, and Cheap Hits

To give is better than to receive, especially with dussacks. We celebrated Christmas not just with a dinner, but with a charity tournament. We ran it on ersatz-Fechtschule rules (King of the Hill headshots only) with dussacks and sabres, and allowed a nameless late arriving Frenchman to buy his way into the final round to winContinue reading “Christmas, Charity, and Cheap Hits”

Christmas Charity (via Swords)

Conveniently coinciding with the WSG Christmas lunch later that day, we’ll be running a charity tournament on the 12th of December on a King of the Hill basis. It’s inspired (vaguely) by historical Fechtschulen. We’ll be using either dussacks or foam sabres, or other single handed sabre-ish things, as participants prefer. £10 buys three “lives”. Headshots onlyContinue reading “Christmas Charity (via Swords)”

Two Years! (plus Turin Results)

WSG regulars took the Rapier Open Gold and Silver, the Sidesword Open Silver and Bronze, the Longsword Oopen Silver, the Women’s Sword and Buckler Gold and the Women’s Longsword Gold. WSG has also celebrated its two year anniversary via the traditional methods of cake, sparring, and piling up the year’s trophies and medals into a dragonContinue reading “Two Years! (plus Turin Results)”

To Turin and Beyond!

Training continues like clockwork at WSG. This weekend a mob (it’s the plural noun for WSG regulars, true story) of us will be travelling to Turin for the TaurHEMAchia event – it helps that three are instructing at workshops there. We’ll all be competing at tournaments though – stay tuned for our excuses when the results are out.Continue reading “To Turin and Beyond!”