Feile na Gaiscigh – Four Tournament, Four Gold Medals

The “Festival of Heroes” is the Irish National HEMA event, and 2015 was the second year it’s run, and the first year it’s been open and advertised internationally. Two WSG regulars decided to go, one teaching and both competing in the four tournaments – all mixed weapons, with nylon and steel in Open and Women’s flavours.
Despite the Irish summer threatening downpour, the weather held up to give sunburn to the participants in Peter’s Ringen class. Also enjoyed were workshops on montante, walking stick, longsword, messer, sword and buckler and quarterstaff. It’s worth noting that the Irish reputation for friendliness and hospitality were lived up to!

Finally, it was time for the tournaments. WSGers enjoyed fighting the Irish and international visitors, who showed good technique and great sportsmanship. Ultimately, though, WSG powered through to collect all four Gold medals on offer (and Michela got Bronze in the Open Nylon, too!) largely on the back of greater competition experience. We look forwards to returning in 2016 to see how much the Irish fencing scene has developed!

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